Problems with the exported game

Hi guys, sorry to bother you. I finally finished the Alpha 0.1 of my game and I’m really proud of it, I would like to export it and let people try it for feedback and bug fixing. When I exported it, I discovered two bugs that are not in GDevelop when I try the game.

  1. The music doesn’t start at the beginning, but only when I click on something, even If I said start music at the beginning of the scene and I tried to reproduce every sound at volume 0 before every sound start to load it in memory.
  2. In the “Options” section I can’t see a object I created, everything is perfectly visible, in every menu, but a object, no matter how I move it, is invisible. I created a “back to menu” icon to exit the options, and I can see the “back to menu” in every section of the game, but not in options.

The game is working perfectly when I try it in GDevelop, but it shows these bugs when I export it for MacOS or Windows, I tried it on both the operative system but the same problems shows… any idea??
Thanks in advance!!!

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Oh no, so I have to change all the events I made to regulate volumes of music and effects on different channel :c Well I think I should give it a try, just for the first scene right? The others are working perfectly fine. Tomorrow I can build (today I did it for 2 times) and I will try it then. Thanks!

From the wiki:

For the second one, you can try GDevelop Problem Solver by Gruk :slight_smile: