Problems with the resolution and scenes

Hi! I I was trying to make a game and I changed the resolution of the screen, but I came up with a… prblem. I cannot adjust the images to the screen, and I tried changing the width, heigh or nothing in oder to make it fit the screen, but it doesn´t work. For example…

This is how it looks.

But this is how I made it.

I tried the reslution, the mark… Idk why this is happening.
Can you help me?

Go to properties and uncheck “Update resolution during the game to fit the screen or window size”


Thank you for your reply, but now it looks like this.

Idk what is happening, Should I reinstall Gdevelop?

What’s your game size?

Hi, I started a new project and now I don´t have that problem. Idk what happened, but it´s not happening now, thanks for your help.

640 pixels wide and 960 pixels high

Glad to know you solved it! Good luck!

Thank you so much for your help.