Program stop running when minimized

I created a simple countdown clock application for windows desktop as practice. almost everithing is fine. the clock is still ticking when I just leave the app in the background, but if I minimize it, it’s immediately stop ticking. so the app is still running, but it not. is there a way to keep running when it’s minimized?

You need to get the window objects and set it’s minimizable property to false. You will have to use Ctrl-D to minimize it tho. I am no Electron expert but I think you need to do something like that (untested) in a Js event:


you misunderstood me. I want minimize my app, but I want it to run when it’s minimized. like a media player or winamp.

I didn’t misunderstood you. This is the only way to prevent electron to pause execution while minimized.

I dont understand, but OK.

Any solutions to this??