Programming yada yada because i cant stop worrying

from override, polymorphism, inheritance… these are all programming but i wonder is the concept also apply to gdevelop since gdevelop is more drag and drop than typed programming?

i am confused and they told me to practice to understand but i keep reading and understand NOthing at all… so,how do you understand them again?

am i correct to assume these all are abstract concept hence are case dependent and many programming may or maynot have them? are they All CRUCiaL to build a functioning game?

i have almost 0 skill when it comes to programming (like 2 months of toying around panda3d/Phyton), but i am on a good way to make an awesome game with GD anyway.
GD did help me to understand how basic gamelogic works, so i learned the basic functionality of programming, even without coding.

When i get to the multiplayer-stuff i have to get involved into coding more seriously tho.


All those concepts are from the object oriented programming style. While GDevelop’s code is written in this style, GDevelop events are using the functional style, so no need to worry about those concepts.


oh there s the duck typing and functional vs objects oriented too and some other things i saw on wiki…

are those somewhat fundamental in making of a working program hence crucial to understand? or i mean, is an empty game window contain all those concepts too to be a working application?

yea same here.

i am just starting out tho