Project folder name

Sometimes, I open an example just to check something, and it creates yet another folder. So, I end up with tons of My projectXX folders.
And even if I know I already have a copy of that example, I need to browse each folder to find what number is what, so it’s much faster to create a new one and add another folder to the mess.
Maybe folders created from tuts or examples could have a meaningful name by default (the name of the json). Or they could all be stored in a subdirectory, opened in read-only, or I don’t know… but the current situation isn’t ideal for me.
Am I the only one with so many useless project folders?

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Oh you should see my drive. :wink:

What I was suggesting few years ago is to have a temporary folder somewhere, not important where and when we create a project, first GD would wipe everything from the temporary folder and create the new project in place and then if we choose save, then we would be prompted where we want to save it and GD would copy everything from the temporary to the folder we choose.
So this way we could run a bunch of prototypes and tests without need to manage them on the hard drive and we could choose if we want to keep them after.

But told, it would be a problem because beginners may not know this and close GD without saving then be surprised where their project was gone and they just did not like the idea in general to create project first and then choose location. Devs preferred to choose location first and then create project so it is going to be saved and people know where. Except in case they create a project without noticing the field at the bottom to choose location :thinking:
I had a suggestion for that too, which was when we create a new project, prompt us to choose location and name first and then ask what kind of project we want to create but told it would result too many clicks if all people want to do is jump in and create a new project fast and beginners may don’t even know how to navigate on the file system and create folders and such… :triumph:

I’m just glad for the web version of GD5 really, this is what I usually use when I know for certain I don’t want to keep what I’m about to do. The problem is, when I change my mind after messing in the browser 2 hours and I have no way exporting what I have just done :sweat_smile:

I also have a lot of numbered files.
I use the web editor a lot !
We can export game file on web editor, take a look on save button in Menu just side Game settings.

My view:
I would see more of a field to request a game/folder name and have the path generated with that name. Presently we need to edit path.
Then the game opens in the editor, but nothing is saved yet.
As long as GDevelop is open and no manual backup has been made, then the game will not be written to the folder.

Presently :
Currently the game files are not played continuously by GDevelop, they are loaded only once into memory when opened.
So I find the current system a little strange.
GD copies the files from examples/new project and makes a first backup, and open it, but we don’t need it.

Just ask path for save, open game in IDE, and user need save him self the file.

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Wow, I did not know it works now. Last time I tried it was only prompt me to download the desktop version of GD to save. Thanks :+1: