Project from previous version?

project from previous version don’t show in GD 5 ??? I don’t understand? :confused:

Do you mean the previous version of GD5?
Does it show up in the previous version? If yes, could you run the developer console and see if there is any error message.
Go to View → Toggle Developer Tools

EDIT:// I assume you mean when you open your project it doesn’t show up or do you mean a template or something?

no I mean GD version before GD 5. Like GD 4 file into GD 5. how to open it :confused:

By default GD4 save a project file in .gdg format which is not compatible.
You need to save the project in .json format.

Go to File → Save as
And enter myproject.json as the file name.
After you should be able to open the json in GD5 except if you have been using any native only features.
Check your project in GD4 if it works with the HTML5 platform. If it not working, it won’t work in GD5 either not even if you save it as json. GD5 is HTML5 only.

Actually, there is a tutorial on the wiki … gdevelop_4

In future will it support it?

it have some native features. cant you just enable it in gd5?

It is not included in GD5 as far as I know, so you can’t just enable it like in GD4.

I don’t know what is the plan regarding that.
The latest version of GD5 can export to Windows, Linux and MacOS by wrapping HTML5 in to a desktop app. There is no longer need for native export really to target those platforms so I don’t expect it personally.

But HTML lac some properties that I have enabled? What about that??? are those now included in HTML in GD5?

No, the only extension ported to web until now is particles. Web still lacks lights, tilemaps, camera render zones, Box3D, functions, path and positioned sound…

That is very unfortunate. Again, as I mentioned, it is not included so there is nothing we can do about that. I don’t know if there is any plan to add support in the future or not, I’m not the developer.
If you can’t work around without those properties I’m afraid you are out of luck at the moment.