💬 Project History - Feature feedback

:construction_worker_man:t3: Project History is currently in open beta. We’ll continue to polish the experience during this time.

Who can use this feature?

About the feature

For version 5.3.186 is now possible to:

  • Navigate project history: Open old versions of your file to go back in time.
  • Restore: Open an old version of your project and save it as the latest version of your file.
  • Name versions: Choose a custom name for your saves in case you want to remember specific changes like “1st version for client”.
  • If you’re working with other collaborators (available since version 5.2.175), the chronological list also indicates the username of whoever made a save. :+1:t3:

We’d like to read your feedback for the 1st version of the feature:

If you have a Startup, Business, or Education plan; we’d like to read your feedback on the feature.
Try to be as clear as possible and give as much context as possible. Images, videos an other contents that can support the feedback are encouraged!
We’re interested on how you use the app (what’s your particular context, with whom you’re working, and the kind of project you’re building), what are the usability and efficiency issues that you encounter and what are the results that you expect from the interactions.

Yo do not need to have a solution (a GUI suggested solution, or technical implementation) for your experienced problem. An explanation on how you use the feature is enough.
The quality of the solution we’ll implement, will be equivalent to our understanding of your problem, so please be as generous as possible with the details.

If you want to report a bug or a technical malfunctioning, Bug reports go HERE

Thank you for helping us improve GDevelop!

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