Project is not previewing

i try to previw the game with the preview button, it shows the loading icon (the circle thing) but it never launches a new window it just stoppes previwing, i can edit the game and do thingss normal i just cant preview, anyone know why?

Well it’s hard to say, but try disabling events until it works, then you’ll know what to change, but if it doesn’t then that might mean the game corrupted, if you figure what event might be doing this a picture would be useful to figure out the problem

Based off those errors, you have a few problems. These may not be the only issues, but definitely some of the major issues.

  1. You’re saving files into a onedrive synced folder. Onedrive will constantly try to monitor this folder and can lock files during the export/preview process, which can cause corruption/failures. I strongly recommend you relocate your project to somewhere that isn’t monitored by OneDrive.
  2. You have missing resources that are still part for your project. Go to your project resources panel and right-click any file, then choose “Remove unused”.
  3. You have left a parameter blank in one of your events. Somewhere, one of your events or expressions requires a number to be provided, and if you left it blank. (Last line in your screenshot).