Projectiles intermittently not registering collision detection?

hello I have a cross projectile that fires at eye enemy the issue is sometimes the crosses are not registering collision detection but I don’t know why?

player events

enemy events

When objects move too fast collisions tend to not work, so that could be the problem

I thought that so I changed speed to 100 but still had the same issue.

You can do one of these:

A) increase the bullet’s hitbox or the object’s (The object the bullet will collide with) hitbox
B) slow down the bullet
C) Use raycasting to predict which object it will collide with and also check if it has missed the object(There are many threads talking about this here)
D) Try using a permenant force to the bullet using an trigger once

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Thanks turns out all I had to do was remove trigger once from the cross collision with enemy and that solved the issue.