Promote Gdevelop game on facebook

Hello everyone!

I have this problem and I’ve been figuring it out for days now. I still can’t find a way.

I want to create an ad(installs) campaign for my game but when I reach this part my app is not showing the guy on youtube just put the link of his app and it shows up immediately and mine Is not working. Can someone help me or at least tell me why? Thank you!


Is your game published?
Try the exact store URL, and try a different browser, it might help.

Hi Gruk,
Yes my game is published on google play already:
I did try already different browsers but still, it’s not working.
I tried copying an app on google play with the exact URL and it’s showing but mine is not.

I’ve heard about Facebook SDK implementation for your app but I’ve been digging the internet on how to do it and there is no exact tutorial about it. Facebook has but is incomplete and very confusing.

All I want to do is to advertise my game on Facebook by creating a campaign like what other developers do.

If you tried other apps and they work, but not yours, there’s nothing we/you can do about it.
Maybe you live in a country where Google or Facebook put restrictions on games or ads. Contact them for further details.