Properties of objects: size, opacity, flipping, z-order

It would be nice to have possibility to adjust the size, opacity, z-order, flipping in properties of objects. Right now we can do some of them for instances of objects which were put on the scene and use those values in game. For instances which are created by events those values shall be changed in events or will be used values of the original image for the sprite which are not shown in properties of objects (size, for example, shown in gray with X and y = 0).

Well, it’d be cool that properties which make sense (opacity, width/height and flipping) when changed for object (not instance), would be “default values” for those object, e.g. when I set opacity to 25% for object ghost, every new instance of object ghost created (with code or otherwise) will have 25% opacity.

Also apply rotation to the object without physics automatism. (Or I did’t find it?)

The Sprite object has the property “Direction()”, you can roatate it :slight_smile:

I personally have made a group called “invisible”, for sprites I don’t want the player to see, then set the opacity to 0 a the beginning of the scene. You could do the same but replace 0 opacity with 25, and by using an object group you can just put an object in the group to make it transparent.

I appreciate your desire to contribute, but please do not bump a 7 year old thread.

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