Properties window for project and scene for quicker variable

hey, I am very new to Gdevelop but have some (not much) xp with construct2. Am I missing something or should there be a quicker way to display and edit all the variables? For example, we have a properties window but when we select the project or scene (from project window) its blank.

The reason this option would be handy is if we take the time to define certain variables even for the sake of debugging there should be a quicker way to access and edit those values (scene variables and global variables) rather than right clicking and finding it then changing it. example: being able to adjust maxHealth, currentHealth, or damage on the fly would be much easier. This is probably just a QOL request but there is no shortkey, no button for variable list ect.

If this is already in program and I am overlooking then I apologize, just need help, but so far I just see rightclick>modify. Can even get confusing for a noob like me when it comes to finding global vs local or scene.

Thanks for your time and great software.

quick edit: when I say properties window is blank I am referring to the object properties window. I just think we can also reuse this window not only for objects :slight_smile:

next day edit: OK, so I found that even though id prefer a button or be able to get the variable values from the project widow I have noticed that if you select the individual object in the scene window the properties window does show for that object. At that point we can click edit the variables (which I believe would only be local variables). 2 suggestions, 1) I still stick to my original request of an option to show all variables for the scene (even the project for global) to help organization. or if that is too much to squeeze in the next release consider 2) instead of having to select the object variables just list them.

Im not going to go further into this cause its such a minor thing, but this is a suggestion board so I am just giving my 2c. Thanks guys!

I don’t know exactly what you are talking about, but you can edit scene variables with a right click over your scene >> Edit variables (or it’s the slow way?), you can edit global variables the same way, but with a right click over the project :slight_smile:

I wish the variables windows were always visible in the interface - or at least there was an option for that :slight_smile:


Yes, this request/suggestion is QOL (quality of life, as in not a bug or breaking function). If you re-read my post you will notice that I said right clicking is available in the project manager window. If I right click on my scene I do not see an option to edit all variables. Am I doing something wrong?

Blurrymind can understand what I am saying here. Which is, its too bad that we have the properties window already visible BUT when we select either Project or Scene that window is empty. I dont know any easier way to say that.

I know that this is a lazy mans request, but its also an organization request when we are dealing with different levels of variables. Id even settle with a variable button on the top for easy access.

Anyway, thanks for the replies and I hope you understand now. Peace

if you bring the global variables window up and drag it to the right hand side doesnt it merge with the objects UI?

i drag my object properties over there when im doing alot of work on 1 object but not tried with the variable windows

Hey Scott, sorry for the late reply

We can bring up the variable window(s) and I would be ok with having to manually do it, but once those windows are visible the project will not continue until the window is closed. In other words no, I cant seem to make those windows inactive, visible. and continue working