Publish a game on my own website

I have never tried this, and the posts I’ve seen here are too old. What are the ways I can do this?
Can I host directly on my page? Do I have to publish on GameJolt/ and put an embbed frame on my page? Can someone help me?

edit: it’s highly important that the game runs directly from my companies page

From go to Distribute and copy the section named Code: an iframe something like this

< iframe frameborder=“0” src=“A Pixel Adventure - Legion by Ulises Freitas -” width=“552” height=“167”>A Pixel Adventure - Legion by Ulises Freitas< /iframe>

Plus you can upload here too when your game is uploaded just click on the code </ > in your game screen a modal will shown with the iframe to be inserted in any website, just make sure to change the width/height to fit your needs.

When you export the game from GDevelop, under “Advanced” choose “Local folder”. Then, just upload the entire contents of that folder into a folder on your company’s website.