Published Game with GDevelop

Hello all. I’m just a bit curious because i want to go full heads on into game development using GDevelop. Especially for mobile games.
Have anyone successfully publish a game made with GDevelop? Do you have any advice to offer?

Thank you in advance.

Hyperspace Dogfights is in alpha: So far that has worked out ok, but I find GDevelop struggles with larger projects. For me it crashes a lot and the current version still has massive memory leaks in the editor. Some sub modules (particles, physics, destroy outside screen) seem pretty broken. You can’t deactivate background compilation, so just opening your large project might take five minutes of background compilation time. And any changes to your main scene trigger compilation again, so on large projects previewing small changes can become a total slog. All this really slows down development for me, even with external sheets and multi thread compilation. Optimization can also can be really tricky and overall there isn’t much documentation and support. But it’s super good for quick prototyping, setting up basic things can be done very efficiently. I focus on native development but it’s probably more suited for mobile games. (Native support might even be dropped with the new editor, or so I have heard) I don’t have much experience with other engines, but I’ll probably switch to Game Maker for the next project. If you want to quickly prototype things or make small streamlined mobile games it should work fine. I think there are some projects published for mobile, maybe those devs can tell you more.

Woah. So Game Maker it is then.