Purple Aura and Pixel Blurs

Hello everybody. I am trying to make a basic game in GDevelop, and while inserting a basic sprite animation, there is a purple aura surrounding the sprite. When i press play, the sprite appears all blurry, and the aura is still there. Nothing changes if resized, or if i disable the option of Custom Resizing on Properties.
I would be glad if someone had an answer for this, or there was a fix for the next version.
prntscr.com/b9k4fv In Edit mode.
prntscr.com/b9k4l6 In Test mode.


The purple box is just the selection box. For the blur, try to set an integer value to the position of the sprite.

How do i set that integer value?
By the way, the Purple Aura meant to the small purple border near the object, even when its not selected:

If you make native game I think you should edit “smooth image” setup to “no”.

Right click on the object placed on the scene > Properties > then set the X and Y coordinates to integer values. The object may be a bit blurred while editing but not when playing the game.