Put object around another object but for multiple objects


I’m currently working on a tower defense / rts type of game and I’m having some issues with having my archer unit have a bow that is able to rotate about the unit and having multiple of that unit.

For example here is where I am spawning the Archer and bow object:

Here is where I am attempting to put the bow object around the archer object:

I have tried using “repeat for every archer object” instead of the bow and that doesn’t seem to work either. I’m not sure what the issues is so any help is much appreciated!

I think your take into account is backwards. If you’re going thru each bow then you want to pick the archer that is linked to the bow.

I tried this but unfortunately it didn’t work as well. Like I mentioned I also tried using the archer as the Repeat for each object but still did not have any success.

What exactly does or doesn’t happen?

Here’s a quick example. Click anywhere to add an archer. The archers are draggable.

It has 2 objects an archer and a bow, The archer has draggable behavior.

You might need to play with your points but otherwise, this part is pretty straight forward.

I attempted the way you set up your example (much appreciated) but i am still getting the same issue.

This is what is happening in mine, the archers are able to spawn but the bows only stay on the first one spawned.

Are you using anything that deletes the bow? Can you post those events? Also, are you familiar with the debugger? Are there equal numbers of bows and archers?

Just in case:
Press [F6] or click [start preview and debugger]



  1. click debugger, dismiss the subscribe screen 2) refresh

Here is the game where I have 5 archers shown visibly:

And here is the debugger showing the bows as well:


I’m not using any events that delete the bows right now.

IDK, I don’t see anything wrong. Maybe someone with fresher eyes can see something.

Are there any other events that affect the bows? You seem to have even numbers.