Put object around position problem

could i somehow instead of a specific angle, put “direction to mouse x mouse y”?
i stil want it to rotate around the position, not just stay in one place image

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Maybe make scene variable or object variable. Then put it there. Doing this your obj is able to rotate “around” player.

If you want to move continuosly then set variable to 360 then every 0.01 sec do -10 . If variable is 0 or less then set it to 360 again.

If you want to rotate the object above or side player then leave the angle to 0. If you do 90 then it will be up or down or sideways of player like that

I don’t get how am i suppose to put it around the player, there is not something like a “Mouse.Angle()” so i cant use it, the only way i found to do it, is make a new object and rotate it it to the mouse.x() and mouse.y(), and then in the angle set it to that objects angle. But it doesnt work because its bugged and it somehow still stays in place

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