PvP Local - Top Down or Platform/Sidescroller?

I am new at GDevelop, I dont have any experience at game dev (but I know HTML/CSS) or art/sound.
I tried the local multiplayer tutorial so I saw a little how this engine works.

So I decided to create a local PvP game with pixel arts, but that comes with a doubt:
Should I do the game Top Down view (like Crawl) or Platform/Sidescroller (like Towerfall)? and why?

I made some points, some pro’s of each type.

Top Down view:
+Realism (because of more angle while shooting)
+Need less sprites
+Environment more easily to create art (no background, will be more walls, ground and some objects)

Platform/Sidescroller view:
+More easiy to learn how to control and get good at it
+Can abuse more of ‘platforms’ for skills like Arrow of Thorns in Towerfall
+More tutorials on GDevelop

What you guys thing about it?

Although I lean platformer. I don’t see a lot of top down local multi so it would be cool to see that. But honestly it comes down to what you want to create. People can suggest one or the other but you are the one who makes the decision. Godspeed

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