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I need help with my breaking and placing game. I have the breaking working, I need a placing system. I need the blocks I place to be in the be in the grid, and where I click with my mouse. Any idea I can do this?
How do you change the icon to a saved image.


(Sorry, this is urgent.)

Frankly, I’m not sure what you mean by a breaking and placing system. But since you have done the “breaking” whatever it is, what difficulties you have with the placing? Can you be more specific?

Each object would take only a single grid like in an inventory or multiple grids like in a city building game?

What is that you actually making?

Ok, the game is a placing and breaking game.

What I mean by this is when I left click a, say, dirt block. It disappears are you can walk through it. [DONE]

By placing I mean when you right click anywhere a dirt block (Or any block that is selected) would appear where you clicker. However, all the blocks should line up properly. So they shouldn’t overlap.

Hope that makes more sense!

In case you just want to move these blocks in a grid and the blocks are the same size as each individual grid, personally what I would do, instead of moving, creating, deleting objects I would simply change the animation of the grid. If you place a dirt somewhere it display dirt animation, if you place grass somewhere it display grass animation…etc

It would be pretty complicated and long to explain how to do it but fortunately I was doing something similar in my inventory example, I hope it helps:

Sorry​, does not answer my question.

So you don’t want to move blocks in a grid or what?
Or you just expect me to spend hours to solve the problem for you and give you an example file that you can just copy-paste and done?

No, I don’t mean that. You don’t need to help me, I’ll create another post explaining it with pictures tomorrow.

You can’t be serious :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine, don’t worry I don’t help you :smiling_imp:

I’d just like to interject and mention that it may be just a language barrier of some sort (miscommunication). I think his idea of making another post with pictures should help everyone understand better, and if he didn’t want any help, why would he make such a post. :slight_smile:

I like to think positive, hope you won’t give up either.

Actually, I fixed this problem myself yesterday. However, thanks for trying to help everyone!