Qeustions about HTML 5 Exporting (local)

I’ve seen this asked but not answered on the forum from a while back, but I’m hoping it’s possible somehow - when I do a local export I get the index.html page and all the images used in the root directory. It’s quite a mess with all the images I have. Is there a way to change it so these can reside in a sub folder? i.e. /gameimages/ or something?

JS Files:
There’s so many calls (50 .js files?) - would I be able to merge/minify them once a project is complete? (I have no idea if they’re called anywhere else other than the html page.)

Also - I was wondering if all these files are necessary for every type of game export - is the export only outputting js files I need or is it the same for every game? (for example, would a game with no sound need/export soundtools.js?)

Splash Screen:
Can I get rid of the splash screen in HTML 5 games? I don’t mind subscribing to do so, but unless there’s a different client to get after that - I don’t see where/how I’d remove it when exporting to a local folder.

There are some essential files that will always be exported, but else only needed files are exported.


That’s intentional because on older browsers the browser would just freeze when loading a js file, so making it multiple small ones gave time to those browsers to load the page while still loading the game. It also helps for keeping gdevelop modular.
We don’t use a bundler in GDevelop because we are scared that it might make the code less optimized while doing it’s adaptations to the code which is not good for games.

There is a checkbox in project properties :wink:. If you are familiar with javascript you can also replace it wth your own by modifying the loading screen renderer in pixi-renderers folder (We do not recommend that tho as it might break your game only do that if you know what you are doing)

Thank you kindly Arthuro,

The JS thing makes sense with your explanation, though just to throw it out there as a feature request to the powers that be, I think it would help out in a lot of circumstances if assets were kept in a separate folder, preferably one that could be defined in the project. (It’d actually be nice if you could define the path for the other files as well.)

I’ll work around it using a separate directory and some jquery to load it in where I’d like it, but for those of us just trying to add a game to their own web site (as opposed to game repository sites) - I think it’d be a welcomed addition to have a really basic config for this sort of thing (IMHO of course.)

Thanks again for the quick reply.