[QoL] A check in all Text object for an automatic Comma "," when the numbers have three zero

Would be useful a function who make an automatic comma when the numbers are with three zero like 1,000 instead of just 1000, this is useful for a lot of reasons above all will save a lot of events and time for devs just for a simple Comma. Would be a good QoL.

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Hi meanwhile you can check this out

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Thanks, this can be useful, what do you think @ZeroX4 ?

Did you even try it that you ask me?

As stupid as it may sound and i can’t believe i am gonna admit it
But best solution i found so far is to make 2 text objects
One where you print your value
And other where you simply put in it only comma , sign

Now you go with events like
If YOUR NUMBER is higher than 999 you put 2nd text object with comma right next to 3rd digit from the right
And then repeat it with event
If your number is higher than 999 999 you put 2nd text object once again to place comma in front of (left side) of 6th digit from the right
And so go on for each comma separator

It is really stupid but as far as i can think of most simple way to implement commas into numbers it was most easy way for me to do it

In the end it is only matter how you wanna approach it
If you wanna print your current gold this way
You will be perfectly fine
Problem will start if you make for example SimCity like game
And you want to print tons of values with auto commas
Since in these types of games you have a lot $ values to print all at once and in different places like income or how much police cost how much you spent on hospitals last year and so go on and on
TONS of values to auto comma
And i see neither my method or this extension an easy way to achieve it
Only for one or maybe few values but not for tons of them