Question about behaviours

I found a new behaviour that i want to use on most of the objects in my game. Now,
the problem is that it takes a bit of time to add the behaviour to all the objects.

I was wondering if there’s a quicker way to add a behaviour to multiple objects.

Well if you haven’t already created the objects, what i like to do if I have a bunch of objects that will need the same behavior, variables or effects is to make one with all that set up. Then duplicate it, rename it, change sprites out, and go on with my day.

well, that’s a good idea, but i arleady had the objects created.
took about 3min of time, still a pain.

Yeh sorry I have no idea what to do in that situation except do what you did and suck it up. Maybe someone here knows a better way and will let us know.

I’m curious. What was the behaviour?

Y sort.
I could have done it “in script” but the behaviour is just more optimized

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