Question about object timer

Hi, I’m writing this topic just for asking if an object can have multiple timers and if yes, something like the example below can work?

On Begin - Action: Pause object timer 1 - Pause object timer 2

Event 1 - Condition: Left Mouse click - Action: Unpause object timer 1 - Unpause object timer 2
Event 2 - Condition: If timer 1 is greater than 4 sec - Action: Do something
Event 3 - Condition: If timer 2 is greater than 6 sec - Action: Do something

How to make the timer repeats until a certain condition is reached?

I’m very confused on how the timer works…

you can do that with a single timer too

The problem is that i need one timer for make the plants grow and change the animation frame each 4 seconds and another one for make the water drop appear each 6 seconds on each plant.

For the animation make the time between each frame 4 seconds in the properties of the Sprite object. When the plant is created reset also also an object timer. Create two events one with condition timer greater than (time where the plant can grow) make whatever you do do make it “grow”. Then you can use the modulo operator to know if the value of the timer is equal to six or a multiple of 6. Else something you can do is create of course another timer with another name for the second operation.

Thanks for your suggestion.