Question for Random Range?

While doing math with Random() is useful I was wondering if GDevelop had a simple RandomRange(##, ##)?

I can already do this with some crazy long winded math such as:
base (+ or -) a number (+ or -) (a Random(##)) but thats very annoying.

How do you make the – or rather what is the correct way of creating a range of two numbers to choose a random? in GDevelop.

The only way is to do this :


Ah simple to understand thanks. I guess I will use this to pass variables for more control.

what if there is no range instead there are number like (1,5,8)

You mean using Random(1,5,8) ?? :confused:

What are you trying to do ?

I answered you about something similar to this original post here : [url]Random animation number? - #2 by Kink]

You want to randomly select a “discrete variable”? I mean select randomly a number from a set of isolated points?
Something like: Selecting a random number from {1,5,8} can return 1, 5 or 8?

If the sets has few numbers, you could do it manually:

[code]Conditions: No conditions
Actions: Do = Random(2) to variable “RandomIndex”

      Conditions: Variable "RandomIndex" is = 0
      Actions: Do = 1 to variable "SelectedNumber"

      Conditions: Variable "RandomIndex" is = 1
      Actions: Do = 5 to variable "SelectedNumber"

      Conditions: Variable "RandomIndex" is = 2
      Actions: Do = 8 to variable "SelectedNumber"[/code]

If there are many numbers, do it manually, number per number, would be tedious. But you can do it with structure variables too, just use a structure like this:

Set 0 = 1 1 = 5 2 = 8
Then just:

Do = Variable(Set[ToString(Random(2))]) to variable "SelectedNumber"

In both cases I’m just “mapping” the possible values from the Random(x) function to the values from the set (the values from Random(x) would be something like indices) :slight_smile:

I don’t know If I am gonna use this logic for my game or not, I just asked out of curiosity but it might be help full for people. So what you should do is pin a forum here that states " First search for the similar forum, if it doesn’t answer your question, then write a forum. Thank you!"