Question Maker like Fill in Blanks, Drag and Drop

It would be great to have some questions type for making question based games easily in GDevelop. This will be ideal for E-learning Community. Some ideas can be taken from

There is already a drag and drop behavior (idk if it was included or an extension but it is definitely there). I understand your point, but this is possible to do already with GDevelop, and developers prefer to implement things that you cannot do currently, fixing bug and cleaning up the code they already wrote.

Yes, I know that we can make such questions and quiz using various GDevelop events. What I meant was, if we have some basic content type that can be readily used for making questions of various type. There is a whole market who want custom game quiz based game maker which can be customised. Probably a fully functional template in which we can easily

  1. CRUD all questions.
  2. Include different question type.
  3. A progress bar as student solve question.
  4. Hints for a questions and many similar feature with points and other things.