Questions about AdMob Interstitials

-two scenes, Main Menu and Game Loop
-5 levels (determined by variable A) and 7 sublevels (determined by variable B)
-levels are enumerated 1-5 and sublevels 1-7
-progression goes like this: 1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4,1-5,1-6,1-7,2-1,2-2,2-3,2-4,2-5,2-6,2-7,3-1… and so on (35 in total)
-after you slect Play button in MM, it sends you to Loop where after you complete it, sends you back to Main Menu (with updated variables A and B)

Question no1: Is AtTheBeginningOfAScene(Main Menu) or one of its subevents appropriate place for an interstitial?
Question no2: Would I need a variable “sublevelCompleted” and it to be equal to 1 to trigger an ad?
Question no3: Would this work

completion of Game Loop => update variables A and B; set “sublevelCompleted” to 1; go to Main Menu

AtTheBeginningOfAScene(Main Menu)
if sublevelCompleted == 1 => Load and Play Interstitial; set sublevelCompleted to 0

Variables are also stored in storages. When starting the game for the first time, value read from the “sublevelCompleted” storage would be 0 aka it would not trigger an ad which is what I want.

Question no4: Is LoadAndPlay good practice or is it better to somehow separate loading and playing an interstitial and how would you do it in my example?

I haven’t used Admob, I recommend the trial-and-error approach after checking the admob example project :slight_smile:

Okay, so I managed to play the test ads so thats good. Next thing I want to ask is how do I properly submit my app to Google Play Store with functioning ads.

Is this how I do it?

  1. Create an app on AdMob.
  2. Skip the “Is the app published on any store?”
  3. Put the app id and ad id into my game.
    -Also: Do I just leave empty iOS app id and iOS interstitial to “”?
  4. I publish my app to Play Store.
  5. Go back to 2. and set it to “Yes, its published to Play Store”.

Try check again your code, i have same problem before.
when i using cordova build my admob not showing. I attempting search solution world wide but nothing. after i change a litte bit code,now it work.

  1. dont forgetto put App id in global gdevelop setting
  2. Load admob at begining scene
  3. Make global variable example. admob_status to detect admod loading process
  4. try to reupload admob while error occured
  5. at certain time loading true, you can show admob.

here the app i made , have that problem before
Here the sample code below –