Questions about export and publishing the project

hi ! i have some question . . .
1-How to increase game security ? i mean for cracking and these problems …
2-does gdevelop support utf-8?
3-project created by gdevelop won’t be detected as viruses in google play store ?
4-can i use admob(google advertise sdk) to the project maded by gdevelop ?
5- how to have the fullscreen project and don’t letting the user to enter the code and other sections i mean i use the “fullscreen” action but still if i use ctrl+shift+i i can enter the developer tools how to disable that ? (in exported version)
6-how to disable the showing engine (gdevelop) logo at the start of running the exported version i promise to show it myself
7-what is the good resoulotion for mobile games i mean the scene height and width that we can change in game properties panel ?
8-i used the storage for saves in my last project what do u think is better ? using the storages or using files for save games …
9-how to descrease the exported project size ?
10-how to find out what android version or cpu and gpu the player need for download ?

ty for reading . . . :grin:

I made a post explaining why there is no real viable protection against piracy, the best you can do I guess is add events in your game to check via a server if the license is valid or something.
Another thing you can do is add a license disallowing those practices to make anyone that cracks/hacks your game sueable.


No as long as they don’t do anything malicious.

Yes. Read the wiki and try the admob example.

Afaik ctrl-shift-i is disabled on exported versions, only available in previews. Then there is no way to completely 100% block code injection.

There is a checkbox in project properties.

Storage works flawlessly on every platforms. Files only work on PC.

Compress your images.

Test with emulators and different settings. It’s different for ever game.


very helped thank you …