Questions concerning background images and game resolution?

Hi, I was wondering if 4k background is going to be overkill for a standard 2D isometric game.
I’ve heard that tile spriting is preferable over a single big background but I am not good at making detailed art with small tile sprites. So, would using a single 4K background image be overkill for the game and would it slow-down the game tremendously?

Also, I had another question concerning the camera resolution. What does the black bar box represent? Do, I need to scale down my image to fit it to the black box or could the background image exceed the black box? Like this,

Also, if my native monitor is only 1080p, can I make a game with a resolution as upto 4k?

Hi there,

  1. it should be fine, static images won’t slow your game as much as events & shaders.
  2. The black box represents what’s actually seen in the game. Other pats of that background won’t be visible until the player moves around.
    So yes it’s fine to exceed the black box.
  3. Doing in 4K resolution when your monitor only supports 1080p will likely cause the game to be too big when it launches. Going fullscreen should solve the issue, but it’s not really a great experience for the user.

Hope that helps!

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Keep in mind that Browsers and chromium based apps (which exported GD5 games are) have a hard limit on texture size.

For modern devices the absolute naximum (barring specific PCs) is 4096x4096 in a single texture. On many smartphones or older PCs it isroughly 2048x2048 (some iPhones from a few years back didn’t support anything above 1024x1024).

You are probably better off splitting the 4k image into multiple smaller objects and then aligning them in the scene. That will also allow for object culling (not rendering offscreen objects).


Thanks. That seems like a good idea.

Thanks, it really answers most of my questions. But concerning the third point, I was wondering can I make a setting menu where it sets the game resolution for the user to be scaled upto 4K, or does GDevelop set it by default when exporting the game?

Sorry for the unhelpful reply, but you can try searching Events for “resolution” and see if anything of the sort comes up.
I don’t currently use GDevelop to check this xd
Otherwise, I think the resolution is fixed to what you set in Game Properties

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