Quick poll to understand what type of extension you would like added to GDevelop

Hello :wave:

I made a super simple poll on which extensions I should focus my efforts on in the near future. Please answer the poll so that I know what extensions would make you folks the happiest :pray:

It’d be much appreciated, thanks!


i just keep thinking in this feature as a built-in or as an extension, but I don’t have the knowledge in Javascript nor the GDevelop core to make this happen.

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That’d be a cool project but I am pretty short on time lately, and I’d rather spend my time on smaller scale projects for now so that I can actually get something out :sweat_smile:

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Ooh object skewing/ perspective would be amazing!

Btw. I read that you can already implement loot locker with Gdevelop.

Would the loot locker extension make it faster and easier to use?

Following their tutorial requires knowledge of javascript and using the raw HTTP requests, which is not very convenient and can be quite hard. An extension would make everything available through events making it easy to use.

Sadly, I think I got ahead of myself writing this in the poll, but the method I planned on using is much more complex than I thought and something I do not quite grasp myself :sweat_smile: I have not fully given up yet on making that extension but I think I will make the easier ones first.

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Okay that sounds very useful!

Yes sure, if it’s easy at least it gets done!

Did you plan to use mesh transformation with 4 vertices on each image corner?

Btw. I found three demos in pixi.js using exactly the image skewing and 3D like transformation.

Maybe re-using the demos’ code could make it faster and easier? :thinking:

This one seems the simplest example:

And I also stumbled over this:

That is the method I planned on using: Using the pixi-projection plugin to handle all the complex stuff for me. Unfortunately, Reproducing the same examples in GDevelop yield different results, that plugin is not really maintained, the usage of the plugin unclear, and there is no documentation for it.

Oh dang! That’s true, that will make it too complicated and unreliable.
At least the image skewing part seems to be included in the standard Transformation methods!

I’d assume to create the perspective transformation manually in pixi js, adding a mesh to the texture with 4 movable vertices on each corner of the image could work, but this might also take too much time to read into. SimpleMesh could also be worth looking into to maybe make it easier.

Well good luck with whatever extension you end up making! :slight_smile:

I think a double dragon-like movement extension would be awesome! Like you can move up and down a little bth ways, but also be able to jump. Not sure if that would be useful to anyone else, but it could result in some cool projects.