Quit Event issue

Hey Guys,

I am very confused and have not been able to find any topics that will cover this issue.
I currently have a QUIT GAME button on Scene 1
Obviously when the scene changes the QUIT BUTTON is Hidden in the event that is called which switches to the new SCENE.

However, When you are in the new SCENE, even though the QUIT BUTTON is NOT there and a BACK BUTTON is in its place. Its like the QUIT EVENT is still there but on a different scene.

If you switch SCENES, why is the QUIT EVENT being called?

When you hide an object, it is still active, just not visible.So if the Back button and Quit button are in the same place, both will be triggered, even though one will be seen/visible.

One simple solution is to include the condition that the button being tested is visible when it is clicked.

Thanks for the advice.

I have already applied the visibility condition. I found that applying the “Touch has ended” condition, it gives the app around 1ms to respond before switching scenes. Just a timing thing, I think it was.

If you are applying the visibility condition, then it shouldn’t be triggering the event. If you want to provide a screenshot of your events, we can see if there’s anything that could be changed.