Quiz-based battle system

Absolutely, it sounds like a fantastic initiative! Hereโ€™s a post asking for advice and experiences on creating a turn-based quiz system for educational purposes:

:star2: Seeking Wisdom: Turn-Based Quiz for Educational Impact! :thinking::mortar_board:

Hey, fellow GDevelopers! :wave: Iโ€™m embarking on an exciting project to develop a turn-based quiz system aimed at addressing numeracy challenges in my country. :earth_africa::1234:

I believe in the power of gaming to make learning enjoyable and effective. My vision is to create a turn-based quiz game where players can engage in strategic battles by answering numeracy questions. :video_game::sparkles:

Iโ€™m reaching out to the brilliant minds in this community for advice and insights. Have any of you tried developing a turn-based quiz system before? What were your key learnings, challenges, and successes? Iโ€™d love to tap into your experiences as I navigate this educational gaming journey.

Moreover, if you have any tips on making the quizzes engaging and effective for improving numeracy skills, please share your thoughts! :brain::bulb:

Letโ€™s collaborate and make a positive impact on education through the immersive world of gaming. Together, we can turn numeracy challenges into exciting learning opportunities! :rocket::books:

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Very cool idea. Interested in how this would be done in Gdevelop. (Following)