Quiz Game Random Question

hi guys…im newbie…i try to make Quiz Game with hundreds question is it possible with gdevelop without coding?
want to make the quiz game like this.

1.i would like to have 10 scene at least, each scene have 10 question inside.
2.when i click play button it will randomly pick 1 of the scenes

if its not a problem for you guys to teach me how to do this too.
-the game will have timer for each question
-it have global score saved everytime they play the game.if the answer is true +10 and if its wrong -10

sorry for my bad english.
please help me.i want to make game for kids…thanks , really appreciate it guys

To answer your question, yes it’s possible to do it.
You name your scenes with a number, like Scene1, Scene2, Scene6. And then you change scene to “Scene”+ToString(Random(5)+1).
But you need to follow some tutorials and read some documentation to fully understand my answer and to know what GDevelop can do, and how it works. :grin:

Good luck :slight_smile:


thanks bro…i try to find the tutorial for this random action but cant find it. maybe the keyword is wrong :joy:

All the expressions are listed there: Expressions reference [GDevelop wiki]

okay bro…really appreciate it :blush: