Ragdoll walking

How I can get this guy to walk? Three days of trying and no result yet.

→ Part 8 should move up and pull to the right part 6;
→ Part 6 does same with 4;
→ 4 moves part 2 (body) a little bit forward.

Further the second leg also does the same and in the end we have a walk simulation.

But it’s not work. Character is jumping, spinning, exploding and falls - does anything but doesn’t go. Situation becomes more stable if parts 7 and 8 are made Kinetic, but in this case they fail through the static «platform» (this is a physics object with static beh.). May be “top down movement” for 7 and 8 parts - bad idea, but this is not a main problem. Parts don’t work anyway.

I really don’t understand how i can to make it work.

I think you should create your own sprites drawing by drawing and select it if you want it to walk left and right, that is animation, I think it is not possible to make a character without an animation.

What is the reason of putting top down behavior here?

Legs move using parts 7 and 8. They should be able to move in any direction with virtual sticks. But now I realized “top down behavior” move all objects on scene with this behavior.

I didn’t accurately describe my idea: “Skeleton\rigged body” must move with two on screen thumbstick. Left for left leg and right for right leg

Can you provide more detail what you want to do so that I can help you with this.

I want to make a character consisting of dynamic physics parts and manage he with two thumbsticks tied to two legs (like in the pic.), but he constantly falls, explodes, twitches, it does not behave stably in a nutshell. And of course does not walking… I have no clue how I can get it.

Then as I showed it in the picture it was just an experiment. Maybe you or someone else knows other ways to do this? I would be very grateful.

Well did you edited the hitbox?

no no, it is very possible to make a character that does not rely on frame-by-frame animation.

this is my physics based ragdoll person i made earlier this year. it is a ragdoll with full physics and the only frame-animated things are his eyes and a few objects

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make sure that the constraint settings for every joint have “do not collide with connected items” enabled

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you could create an invisible sprite and animate walking on it
then place points in the center of every limb on the fake sprite
then make the real limbs try to follow the points on the fake sprite to make walking animations that use physics

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