Rail Shooter On GDevelop

Hello anybody. I am a new user of GDevelop and i love this game engine. It is simple and easy to use. I love the programming method that i can use. But i have a question. There is a guide of how to do a fixed prospective camera game with a Rail Shooter style. Is it possible on GDevelop? There is a guide?

I mean is possible, but you need to know 2 things.
1- Gdevelop just can do games 2 Dimensions
2- If you wanna do “false” 3 Dimensions, you need use 2 Dimensions tricks to simulate 3 Dimensions 7w7

I put 2 Dimensions because the acronym 2|> is banned or restringed for some reason…
Sorry if my english burned your eyes, i am bad writing english and i need practice!

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Most certainly. The camera movement of a rail shooter game is the same as the scrolling camera in the space shooter example that comes as a GDevelop game template.

The it’s just a matter of animating the enemies. To shoot with an on screen crosshair, you’d just use check the crosshair centre is within an enemy when the fire key is pressed…

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What template? Can you send me a link so see it?

How can i do?

How to use it?

It’s space shooter, and you can choose it when you select File > Create a New Project :

I in concret i don’t know tricks to 3D forms… sorry… But i am likke you, looking a post or tutorial to lean this tricks types, if your game is 100% 3d models and you wanna one motorwith free code, i can recomended you coppercube or Manugame engine (This 2 are free code, and you can use 3D), but if your game is 2D and some sections have 3D can search or post in forum " how i do 3D tricks"?

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Do you know one more similar to the gdevelop programming system?

I was working on a game with a logic like this that i found

With a fixed camera prospective and a rail shooter system
Is it possible?

Mmmmm i believe yes, if i remember well I see a post use one trick to make “Deep”

Here are 2 Possibilities
1- Static Room
BULLETS - You can make one character shooting, the “bullets” you put decreases “Weight and Length” that create the effect bullet go to the “room deep part”.


Easy Example


More elaborate

Condition “bullet have weight and length AND collision hitbox enemy”.
Action “Enemy decrease HP or enemy is death”
CHARACTER - Character move left or right
2- Dynamic Room
The bullet sistem is similar but the room system or level system is more, mmm “interesting”, You know the game “Super Hexagon”? The hexagon go to center and that make look “deep”, if the room or level decrease, I believe that make the effect you wanna do.

Visual example Simple


That you can use to make rooms, but obviously in reverse.

  • This aren’t the perfect solution, is just examples, you can use Gdevelop to make your game, you look is possible but need ingenius to make your objective, sorry about my bad english and if I corrupted your mind, but i need learn and practice.

EDIT - Please you need make this, open new Google windows, go to Google images, take the images I put here and drop the images in searcher, All are GIF but Gdevelop just put like PNG.


Both options looks good but i have a question: can you move in the way that you can see in the next GIF file for example that i found? Or not?

GDevelop is a 2D game engine. It does not do 3D games. You can do pseudo 3D or try faking it, but it’ll be a bit of work.

The simplest way I can see to fake it, is to look at using the way that SEGA used back in the 80’s. Essentially a set of sprites that are tiny at the horizon (middle of the screen in along the vertical/Y axis) and expand or increase in size as the sprite gets nearer the top or bottom of the screen. It’ll most likely involve some tricky calculations though.

However, you’d be better off using an engine that does proper 3D if you want a 3D rail shooter. It’ll do the collision detection, scale and position calculations for you, bypassing a ton of mathematical computations.

I was working on one last year… It really is alot of work but it boils down to just change the sprite scale according to the Y value…

Here is a working prototype of what i was working on… The controls are use A to move left, D to move right, SPACE to dash, Q to switch weapons and aim with the mouse and shoot with Left Button of mouse…


I would send you the file of my project but it is on gd4 and would not be of much help to you… Let me know if you have any questions…

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I tried the game and it is very intesting don’t worry if you want you can send me the project anyways

Yeah, i think that the best solution can be this one, i need a game engine that has a programming system similar to the gdevelop one but is also completely free/open source like geverlop. Do you have any suggestion? I also found online some posts of a guy asking a similar question but that didn’t helped me

For a while, the Wii revived some of the light-gun games like [House of the Dead: Overkill] because it’s hardware (the IR pointer) worked well and out-of-the box for those types of games.

With that in mind, a genre that could disappear due to a change in hardware is hard to predict, although it’s highly likely VR will have something to do with it. If VR becomes a major trend, then I could see a few years of people avoiding anything 2D in order to capitalize on the hype. Still though, I don’t think that would be a permanent change though.



Not with mobile or casual games. There will still be a place for 2D games in that market. VR is niche, and needs the headset. People won’t be lugging that around just to pop them on for a few minutes of play at a time.

There is a suggestion? Just the name of the engine

Sorry, but only in 2D.
But you still can create the cosmo-shooter or etc. like in 1990.

There are basically no 3D engines that use an event system similar to GDevelop (open source or not).

If you’re looking for visual scripting in a free 3D game engine (that isn’t Unreal Blueprints), the closest you’ll find would be either MANU Video Game Maker or CopperCube. I’m not aware of any open source alternatives.

Ok thanks for everyone