Random Enemy Pod Spawn (Solved)

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How do I…

I am trying to make a “Drop Pod” for enemys.

What is the expected result

The Pod will tween from the top of off screen to a random position then will spawn 3 enemy’s in a set radius around it. The enemy’s will be at random positions inside of that set radius.

What is the actual result

For the spawn plugin, I can only put a number for the X and Y and not a RandomInRange or something like that so they all spawn inside of each other at the same position. I would like them to spawn at the same time just in random positions around the pod.

Related screenshots

They had moved away from it but you can tell more than 3 are there and they are inside of each other. (I have not added collision to anything yet.)

Thank you and all help appreciated!

Yes, you can. Click on “E123” button in front of value field and choose Mathematical tools and Random in Range

Hello! I am trying to find that!

Is this the correct area to find that? I cant seem to find it anywhere where I would edit the spawn location of the enemy’s.

Or would I have it create the enemy’s? I’m still wondering if there is a difference between spawning them and creating them.

Oh and, for the Float in range, I need a minimum and maximum value so how would I have the same range but still be at different locations?


Thank you very much! You are a great help!