Random Generation/1d noise


How can i go about randomly generating terrain like terraria? Is there an example for 1D noise in gdevelop or any terraria like random generation examples i could take a look at?

On your 2nd image, we can see that if we draw a vertical line, it will intersect several earth-air frontiers. On the contrary, on the 1st image of 1d noise there will always be one intersection.

1d noise alone can’t do what you want. I don’t know how Terraria works but I guess that using a 1d noise to build a general constrain of the terrain and add 2d noise over it to build small caves could work.

I find it easier to understand noises by thinking with an additional dimension. For instance, your 2nd image can be seen as a shore.
The top part must be underwater and the bottom part must be shore. We can use a gradient from -1 at the top to 1 at the bottom to express this. But we don’t want a straight shore, so we shift it with the 1d noise and we have the global contour of the shore.
We can now add some coves by applying a 2d noise over it.

It’s a be hard without illustrations. Take a look at this documentation:

It explains this example of island generation:

Thanks for the help and tips, although all those examples apply for top down 2d games/3d games. I also read everything about 1d noise on the Gdevelop forums although it dosen’t seem very helpful to me, and there is no example or tutorial on how to accomplish 1d noise.

Opps. Already said. Sorry.

Try [create a new project form template] and search for marching squares. These might help. Also, maybe layered masked sprites like the ones used in the examples.