Random Images Not Always Showing Up

I am working on an app for my students for them to label notes on the staff. I have it set to choose a random note, show it, (hiding all others), and indicate the correct answer. So far it’s working exactly how I want it to, except:

Every preview has at least one note that just doesn’t show up. Debugger shows that a random number has been chosen, but the corresponding note remains hidden.

My first few attempts included creating and deleting the notes instead of showing and hiding and I could never get that to work, so that’s why I ended here.

Also, I would love to make it so that the random notes cannot be repeated, but everything I’ve tried has failed miserably, so I gave up.

Can anyone help me get those weird random notes to show up and do as they’re told? :slight_smile:


Seems like a cool app for the students! Can’t tell what’s wrong from the events. Are you able to upload the zipped game folder? I’d like to see if there’s any pattern of the notes not appearing which we might then be able to trace back to the code.

When I get back on my computer, I can. Can you please tell me the best way to export a zip for that purpose? Thanks so much!

If the app is small (not much data), I guess you don’t necessarily need to zip it’s folder. You could just upload the root folder of your project to your Google Drive account (if you have one), by doing a Folder Upload… then make that folder public and share the link here.

If you want to zip the folder, then 7-Zip is a good free program for zipping files. Once installed you get a new option called “7-Zip” when you right click any folder from a Windows Explorer window. So you would right click the folder that your app is saved in, then hover mouse over that 7-Zip option to open up a sub menu and choose the last zip option which says “Add To (Your Folder Name).zip”. https://www.7-zip.org/