Random level or item


this is process what I need to do:
When game starts I need to random generate quest with three or more solutions.
After player choose correct/wrong solution I need to go to next also random level where player will found different quest. Also I don’t need to load same level twice…
Does better to load that random quest in same level?

I’m not sure what technic I need to do for this and I need help here from you?

So point is to made random quests in same level or different it is not matter.

Thank you for help.

Hi Protium and welcome. See if this link helps. It has info about ‘Random in range’ and also how to remove an item so that it doesn’t get selected again. If it doesn’t have enough info on how to set up the random part then you can do a search on random in range for more details.

I will try and if I get or not I will come here and share what I did. Thank you for help!

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