Random movement around

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do. This creates a pong like effect. Do you want that or do you want something more chaotic? There are infinite ways of doing this but I think we might need to know more info. What does the circle represent?

I added a shape painter just as a way to visualize the path.

doug13579/Gdevelop-randomly-move-circle (github.com)

Thanks for your help. For my first experience with develop I’m trying to make a physics simulation-based game. You can see more details in the image that comes in this link:

Your link is asking for access rights.

Unfortunately, I have a problem uploading photos to your gdevelop server today!
I gave you access right.

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Thanks. I was just notified and I saw your drawing of a cannon shooting at several circles. I’m still not clear as to what the circles represent and how exactly you want to have them move.

If they represent targets and you just need them to move around randomly in a confined area then I think some of the examples would work.

Are they fixed? Do they have the physics behavior? Are you using the physics behavior for the cannon?

No, they move.

No, they haven’s.

The bullets of the canon have physics behavior.

Can you please explain to me by an example how can I keep the object in x,-x,y,-y?