Random movements?

How can I have an action for random movements on an object. Very subtle…like a shake but not crazy…just moving in x and y.

You can use the Random() or RandomInRange() functions to produce random numbers. It’s up to you how you move the object (movement with forces, changing positions, tweening, etc.)


Thank you… what’s the best way to learn the behavior sheet…So many actions…how do you start?

hmm I am doing it wrong…

This is what I meant:

The best way to learn how to use GDevelop is 100% by following one of the tutorials either in the learn section (on the home page), in the documentation, or watching some youtube videos. When I first started using GDevelop I did the space shooter tutorial in the documentation. It was extremely useful for understanding the basics and it even introduces some more advanced topics like external layouts and changing levels using string concatenation [change the scene to: “level” + ToString(GlobalVariable(currentLevel))]. Before I tried the tutorials I was aimlessly messing around with stuff without really understanding how everything worked.