Random Objects, but with at least 4 seconds between the Objects

Hey guys! I’m starting to Create my first game. So i have all of my artworks, and now i want to programm that object appears but in random time. My Problem is it should come out at a random time, but at least with 4 seconds difference to the next object. What i Programmed so far ( See attachamend) is, that the Object is comming up but not random…

i hope you guys can help me :smiley

i would do this( use appropiate capital letters?
at beginning of scene
scene variable time=randominrange(4,30)
reset timer “red”
----- then
timer “red” greater than time
and before reset red do again
scene variable time=randominrange(4,30)

Hey Xisco thank you for your help! that’s amazing! i tried it out, but i didn’t find out what you mean with : “timer “red” greater than time” what should i put in in “time”, because now the object apears in the time i put in there, so in example: if i put in 3 the will appear all 3 seconds.

Thank you so much for your help

thats exactly what i meant :slight_smile: time means 1,2,3,… seconds

Use the scene variable
Action: do random 4,30 to scene variable red_timer (for example).
Next to condition use red timer and time value is scene variable red_timer

Working now?

Perfekt! Thank you guys!!