Random place create and not repeat

hi hope my question dont be fool
i want create 4 random object at 8 spot split into 2 sides
just 1 object on 1 side
*like have 4 number if random return 3 it will create object 3 at the spot 1

and same to spot 2 if return 1 it will create object 1 in spot 2

finally if spot 3 return 3 again will repeat an random number for this spot
have some example?

You should be able to do this with some variables. Something like, make your spawner, give them a boolean variable like “Active” and a variable for each spawnpoint (ie spawnpoint-1, spawnpoint =2, etc…). Then choose the RandominRange(0,numberofspawnpoints) and save as a variable.
If spawner.Variable(active)=false, create items object at the spawnpoint and chage spawner.Variable Active to True.
For your items, make a Variable array for items.
For the items, have them all as one object, where you will switch animations.
put them in a globalvariable under items with an array something like this:

Set a random variable for the items then cycle through something like this to change them:

I hope that makes sense and points you in a direction. Sorry if it isn’t too clear, I am tired and going to bed now :slight_smile:

sleep well !!! :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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if use inventory have some else idea?