Random room generation

Hi. I am a rook in GDevelop and I want to make a game where at the beginning you get absolutely random level with corridors, rooms, storages and etc. To make it easier, I divided it into components. Is it possible to do sequential level generation with rules? For example: you start the game in the main room. then a corridor is generated, and if a corridor is generated, then a large room or laboratory will be generated.

Yes it’s possible, I’ve seen screenshots of that on the Discord.

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I’ve created 15 differents rooms in the external layout.
All rooms have same rules, always use the entry point at 0;0.
One or two doors on bottom or right for exit.
I’ve setup a loop, this one pick a random external layout ‘room_9’ nine is generated with random expression.

And with the name i load the external layout at the position of the last exit door.


Hi Bouh, I want to make a game and do the same thing you did in this video. Could you share your code or explain me how you made it?

This is freaking awesome is the code available somewhere?

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