Random selection number of 3 different text

How do I…

I have numbers from 1-10 and I want to place random numbers from this pool in 3 different text places after pressing the button. The numbers cannot be repeated.

What is the expected result

Randomizes 3 numbers and places them in text boxes.
After pressing the button again, subsequent digits will be selected, but the previous ones may be repeated


Hi, the easiest way I could think of is to install extension called “ArrayTools”, and when the button is clicked use it’s action “shuffle array”, and pick the first 3 children for the text objects (which will already be randomized by the shuffle action)

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what next, how to import it so that it selects the first, second and third number?

Ok is solution

You should try the randomchoose extension

What exactly do you mean?

Randomchoose is another extension and it won’t work since the whole point is not to have numbers that are repeated.

@Aquazis already got it working.