Random Target

Hi, i want to ask how to make the target random means they can be target 1 or target 2. Other than that i want to ask how to make upload and view picture in GDevelop 5. Can anyone teach me please. Thank You :smiley:

Hi there. You can use the condion “pick a random object”, where you can select one object randomly as a target.

code: Pick a random “target” (objectname).

I dont understand your second question to 100%. Maybe you mean ur created grafics. You can save and upload your pictures to the integrated piskelapp. on that website you have an online gallery for your uploaded stuff (you have to create an account).

Hi, thank you for your response. My second question actually i want to make upload function that user can click button named as upload and than choose a picture. After that the picture will show on other scene. GDevelop 5 can do that function or not?