Random Timers ?

Hi there does anyone know a way to get a random timer ? For example i use timers to spawn enemies and powerups but basicly it’s triggered by the set timer. I wonder if there is a way to add let’s say +5 / - 5 + random sec to a timer to make it random ?

//Set a variable to be 10 +/- 5
Variable(set_new_time) is equal to 1
-Do = 10 + Random(5) - Random(5) to Variable(timer_random)
-Do =0 to Variable(set_new_timer)

Timer “plus_minus_5s” is greater than Variable(timer_random) seconds
-Do = 1 Variable(set_new_time)
-Do {whatever your event is}[/code]

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Thanks alot ill give it a try :slight_smile: