Random word game

Hello everyone,

I am developing a random two-word generator that I am distributing to players. I would like to distribute one word to each player, for example: Bear or Oursson. It is mandatory that only the word Oursson is distributed once. However, the word Oursson comes back several times… I don’t know how to do it anymore… :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for your help :pray:

Here is the link at the beginning of the game :

Here is the file of the game:

Here is the screenshot of my code:

In the second to last event in the screen shot, you are setting the global variable Mot Ours to “Oursson”, but you never set the global variable Oursson to 1 (like you have in the 3rd event). So the inverted condition Oursson = 1 is always returns true.

Also, instead of inverting the condition, you could use not equal. It makes it more explicit and easier to read.

I managed to do what I wanted to do by doing something a little different from the way I started :smile:
I added two “Ours” if there are more than 6 players. I also added a condition to write the name of the intruder word if it hasn’t appeared before

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