Randomize questions issue

Hello everyone
I created a quiz wanting questions to go randomly, I did that but I noticed that the question repeated itself, I want the question to appear for one time.Here is the event

Make a scene array variable

Then click here to add child nodes
Add the number of questions you have as a child node.
Then make a child event of this event

After doing this, reply, I will tell more.

i did the scene var. Then i tried with the event like that

Is that right.

No, I mean, add a sub event of this

I usually call it child event but some call it sub event.
Something you did like this:

So, again, add a new sub event inside that event.

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okay I did that
What can I do now



Thank you but it is so quick so i couldn’t read every scene of it can you cut it to images please?

I tried to notice what is in all pics in the gif. But in the scene variable it refuse to write words in the child under ( array) it accepts numbers only.

Click that wrench like icon and in primitive type, click on convert to string

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Sorry it was difficult for me, I can’t find ( variableChildCount…) and others
if there is a video for that i need it please, I searched but didn’t find it.

Why every time I preview my project it show this instead

Okay it shows my project now

You are opening other project

Maybe I will make one

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Okay it shows my project now , Sorry for that.

I need it so much.

If you please
I wish it like that: I Will put.40 question (for example) but the quiz will be for 15 questions only. So student every time open the game may find new questions.

I can’t find ( variableChildCount…) please somebody help

I don’t know if is this what you want just right click and add a for each for array or structures

thank you for your reply, But i want to know how to find this condition : VariableChildCount(…)