Randomly Generated Boss

Hello! I am making a randomly generated dungeon game, and I did a search, but I did not see what I was looking for. In my game, I would like to spawn a boss after x amount of levels, not every level. I’m not certain what I should do with the events of the boss character(s). I don’t want to spawn more than one boss within a level, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Does it have anything to do with some sort of spawning behavior? Is there some sort of global variable I need to implement? I’m green to game dev, so feel free to explain it like I’m five.

You could make a variable that registers how many dungeons have you completed.
Then, when it gets to (example) 10, it spawns a dungeon for the boss. I mean, instead of spawning a “normal” dungeon, you spawn one with the boss.

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That sounds like it will work, but since I am still very new to this, I have absolutely no idea how to implement that. Could you possibly elaborate a bit more specifically, please?

Some info about variables. I recommend you to take some of the tutorials in the Learn section.