RapaGameZ, Simple Tutorials

Hi to all gDers,

A newbie here, though been lurking around here for few days now and following gD5 tutorials and RapaGameZ simple tutorials

While trying “How to grab ledges, climb straight up ladders (And laser thingy)”

I faced this problem:

The laser thingy is off of the player and way down of the laser block above.

My event sheet is: link…

I am thinking, I’m missing very simple step here. Help me out here.


Where is the Centrer and Origin point of that laser object? If you have 1x1 pixel laser object, you need to do Center and Origin points to X: 0.5 and Y 0.5, in GD4 at least. But I tried my example in GD5 and it’s workin fine when X and Y is 0.

IF you use bigger laser object let’s say 4x4 Do Origin and Center X:0 Y:2.
Then I realised that if you use 2x2 laser you need to divide by 2 width of the laser and if you use 4x4 you need to divide it by 4:

I hope this helps!

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Yes, absolutely, helps big time. Thanks

Been trying with point settings of player and laser block and haven’t touched laser at all.

I might have more queries regarding your tutorials, I hope you don’ t mind.

Here’s result:

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